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Oct 25, 2011

With their motto D.A.G (Destroy All Genres), Pillow Talk are likely to find fans in a of community of EDM producers and conscious consumers who do not want their music to be typecast. The common theme and trend in their music is production quality and musicality. Soulful vocals, with popular sensibilities combine as beautiful melodies create memorable music.

This fresh creation still has time to mature. 

Pillow Talk seems to be headed on a path to widespread popularity. The release has received support from a range of artist including Soul Clap and Justin Martin. It looks like we will be hearing a lot more from this trio from this recent release on Life and Death The Come Back EP (embedded bellow) to an upcoming EP slated for release on Wolf + Lamb.

I have also attached their first release Love Makes Parks for your listening pleasure.

Pillow Talk – The Come Back EP (Life and Death) // Prelistening Session by LIFE AND DEATH
Love Makes Parks – VisionQuest by Pillow Talk



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