Bob Sinclar, Sugar Hill Gang, and Selling Out



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Jul 29, 2010

Now I’m not one to bash stuff too often on Salacious – my philosophy is that if I’m not covering everything out there that’s good, why waste time with the bad. So in living up to that, I should say that I don’t actually think this is a bad track, and it’s definitely a great video. I have a lot of respect for Bob Sinclar, and think he’s an incredible artist who doesn’t just make pop music (though he does make incredible pop music!)

So with that long preface in mind, I wanted to have a quick bitch. I just watched this video, and the last verse is delivered by Master Gee who was a founding member of the Sugar Hill Gang. For those of you who are not aware, the Sugar Hill Gang is widely regarded as having been one of the first to popularize the genre of hip hop in mainstream America. So it might surprise you then, with my love for hip hop in mind, that I would suggest you should take his final verse with a grain of salt. He rhymes “once upon a time not long ago / when there was no rap stars on tv shows, no movie deals or commercials / Buster’s voice just startin to grow, in them days when you took up the art / you did it second for the money and first for the heart, back then you had to be a true believer…” blah blah blah.

Respect where its due and everything, but Sugar Hill Gang weren’t even rappers – they were a bunch of dudes who bounced at clubs and such, and were the first commercially successful people to bite rhymes. Literally – half or more of the shit they said was actually stolen straight from real rappers’ rhyme books. They definitely were not in it for any art from the heart, at least to begin with.. far be it for me to speak on the rest of their career.

Know your history peeps!

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