VLSONN Remixes Blue Neptune

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May 9, 2010

VLSONN is a local Torontoist who I can’t quite figure out much about. No substantive info on his myspace, and I might be jumping to conclusions there even, though this blurry photo seems to suggest he is in fact a male. He has had his stuff remixed by locals Tape Deck Bros, and regularly sends his stuff out to all the regular suspects like Barletta. If you know a damn thing about him (her?), lemme know what’s up. I like this latest track, which for me represents a stepping-up-of-game in the production dept. compared with 6 months + ago. This particular track combines a few different styles, perhaps somewhat unconventionally, and maintains a smooth flow, so props on that note. Very enjoyable listen!

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[audio:Blue Neptune – Neon Lies (VLSONN Remix).mp3]

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