Etienne De Crecy Gives Us Hope


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May 7, 2010

Etienne De Crecy released these live recordings of three tracks to promote his upcoming EP Hope. The album is available digitally on Monday. These three tracks remind you that French Electro/Techno has soul, is punk, and makes you boogie. All three of these tracks have deep grooves and overdriven synths that blend seamlessly and sound perfect for dark rooms with flashing lights that refuse to let you leave until the early morning. I know it is old news, but check out the video of “The Cube” if you haven’t seen it before.

[audio:Etienne De Crecy  – Hope (Live at Bogota).mp3,Etienne De Crecy  – Overnet (Live at Bogota).mp3,Etienne De Crecy  – Prix Choc (Live at Bogota).mp3]

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