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Feb 5, 2009

One of our new contributors, Splattermonkey, recently wrote an epic article that impressed me tremendously. I always respected his skills spinning wax on the ones and twos, but the narrative he wrote for the site was an awesome read that generated some good commentary from some o you. He mentioned the tracks on John Robinson’s new EP and some were included in his podcast but I recently got my hands on the individual tracks and thought our readers would appreciate them.  Sorry to disappoint longtime readers with my seemingly new found affinity for Hip Hop, I will be continuing to expand my contribution to the site because I love Hip Hop, I love House, but most importantly I just want to share MUSIC that I LOVE with YOU. So here are my two favorite tracks on the EP… you should definitely look to pick it up at a record store near you.

[audio:John Robinson – I Am Not For Sale.mp3,John Robinson – The Genesis Feat. Renne Neufvi.mp3]

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