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Feb 13, 2010

Die Antwoord. South African Trailer Trash Rave Rap. Eneter The Ninja and shit. “Pretty fucking self explanatory” – Ninja. These weirdos are quickly becoming the next big thing on the interwebz.

For anyone unsure, this is not a joke. I mean, not entirely, even though laughter is definitely one of Die Antwoord’s effects. Their website gives you a full blown hit of their image and persona, as well as a streaming player for their whole album. Their tunes are bumping, and that lil’ Pixie Yo-Landi Vi$$er is the type of bitch depraved sickos everywhere are going to want to do freaky things to. Not to mention her voice…mad cool. I want more of this bitch.

The beats are bumping…productions actually cool, unique, forward…even if at times you think its a joke, it always comes together in a way that works, makes you even listen again. Their hip-pop is catchy, Ninja is a great lead man, and Yo-Landi makes boys horny. Its ravey and unique. and it beats the tits off 50 Cent Raps in my books.

Enter the Ninja @ http://www.dieantwoord.com

(editors note: Cody LeKush was on it before Pitchfork.)

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