DJ Ychuck – Toronto’s #1 Female Turntablist



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Jan 27, 2010


I’m a huge fan of DJ Ychuck, Scratch DJ Video Game Contest Finalist! I could tell she’s amazing even if I was deaf. I had first encountered her in her other houser incarnation, DJ Sara Simms, and the way her fingers moved on the mixer, I knew she was to be taken seriously.

There is a delicate precision with which her nimble digits affect knobs and sliders.. gently tucking away certain frequencies in favour of others… cutting so effortlessly between channels, you would have thought you were dancing to a studio mixed mash-up!

Ychuck is a complete package! A HEAD; a total audiophile! A technician like no other (wait till she pulls out the Wii controller)! And… The sexiest DJ I’ve met!

Catch DJ Ychuck at her monthly women’s only residency at Toronto’s famed Slack’s: COCK BLOCK! Next, this January 30th!

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