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Mar 22, 2009

A lot of DJs have been producing tracks recently to gain popularity. Whether it is releasing subpar edits and remixes I have had to listen to most of them. A lot of Producers have been learning to DJ on the fly because electronic music producers can make a lot of money on tour DJing. Most of these producers become passable DJs, but few of those DJs become passable producers. In any case, the one type of “production” and “remixing” that I think DJs skills are tailored for is the Mash-Up. The skill DJs develop is the ability to blend songs together, and thus, Mash-Up production can be second nature to most good DJs. Medley’s production work is a good example of this. He has always sent me great edits and Mash-Ups that are tailored for a DJ and made by a DJ. This isn’t to say he couldn’t produce, I just haven’t heard him push any completely original production thus far.

In any case today I want to shed some light on DJ Brake. He’s a great young DJ from Toronto who has been bouncing around the Toronto and London music scenes (for those of you who don’t know London Ontario is quickly becoming the second strongest Electronic Music market in Ontario). He sent over this awesome Mash-Up that won’t do much for people looking for a cutting edge, hip, and cool track (referencing Cailens post before mine obviously); however, Justice is awesome, even if they are no longer considered cutting edge, and the use of Kevin Rudolf’s track is well executed.

[audio:Justice vs kevin Rudolf – Just Let Us Rock (DJ Brake Mashup).mp3]

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