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May 6, 2009


When we started this blog there were a few artists that I knew I wanted  to expose to the rest of the world. I first heard Kendal play at a college coffee house and have been mesmerized by her talent ever since. With the type of voice that astounds everyone in the room as soon as she starts singing, she is one of those artists who demonstrates the potential to be everyone’s favorite songstress. 

As a big fan of Lauren Hill and India Arie, it is no surprise that I have gravitated towards Kendal’s style. Soulful acoustic music that reminds us all of the beauty of simplicity. Though she may still be a local act, the quality of her music is undoubtedly world class. I have been following her music on MySpace etc, but since she finally gave me three songs to post her songs have made it quickly into my Most Played list on iTunes, (possibly because I listened to the three songs on repeat, what can I say they never get old).

I could wish her the best, but that wouldn’t be adequate; rather, I hope the world is lucky enough to hear her voice, and recognize its beauty. 

 [audio:Kendal Thompson – Joy.mp3,Kendal Thompson – Good For me.mp3,Kendal Thompson – Big City Money Makers Cry.mp3]

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