Let’s Bring it Back! Old school house hits and more from SonictheSoundHog!

In the beginning there was house!!!!!, and this is about a few tracks that started a movement, not just a musical movement, but the movement of bodies, the movement of bodies all across the world, the movement was house, it cannot, it will not, it just wont stop! Everyone should watch The History of House Music on YouTube. And everyone should listen to the songs that I post today. Hopefully your love can feel these tracks moves your body the same way they have kept people moving over the past 3 decades.

Today we have Frankie Knuckles, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Marshall Jefferson, and Mr. Fingers to take our bodies through the motions. We owe the foundation of the revolution known as house music to many musicians and these four are all some of the most important people in MUSIC history…not just house. They started it, and no one will ever be able to finish it.

I also tossed in something that’s been kicking around the blogosphere since the summer, The Hood Internet’s mash-up of The Cool Kids and My Love…

[audio:Frankie Knuckles – Your Love.mp3,Farley Jackmaster Funk – Love Can’t Turn Around.mp3,Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body.mp3,Mr. Fingers – You Can Feel It.mp3,The Hood Internet – Your Love Iz What It Iz (The Cool Kids vs Frankie Knuckles).mp3]

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