The Monarch Presents a trip to: Martin Luther King and Barack Obama’s House!

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Nov 16, 2008

Yes we can, three words on the tip of everyone’s tongue. I have a dream, four words in the back of everyone’s mind. Whether you support Obama or not, you can’t deny that he is arguably the greatest orator of the 21st century. His voice resonates not only in our ears but our souls. While I know that I am not making a unique comparison, he is the 21st century’s Martin Luther King Jr.

You may be asking yourself, “How is this relevant?” “Why is another music blog giving Obama a shout out?” So let us forget the politics, and think of the voice. Few have voices powerful enough to move generation after generation, but even fewer speakers have a voice that will resonate over house music. So today, I bring you two songs, two speeches. One has moved generations towards the present, and the other will move generations into the future. Today, I bring you house music, but not just house music, I bring house music that was inspired, that is inspirational, music which transcends music because it shows the power of the voice to move us emotionally and physically (but can the two ever truly be separated).

[audio:Fingers Inc – Can You Feel It (Martin Luther King Jr. vocal version).mp3,House Music United – Yes We Can (Barack Obama).mp3]

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