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Nov 17, 2008

Today I want to drop 3 remixes of the greatest artist in popular music history. It’s a shame pop culture destroyed him, but Michael will forever be THE influence. No one can deny that he changed the game, he took everything to the next level. Here are three remixes that know how important he was, and that his voice was always be the voice of pop music. These remixers prove that it won’t be quieted in a world where what’s old is new. Recycling isn’t just an environmental movement, its a musical movement, and it’s keeping our bodies moving.

Coming in first is a vocal mix of Bad which is one of the dirtiest electro remixes I’ve ever heard. The second is a nice light house mix of Rock With You by the Freemasons and it  makes everyone want to dance into the sunlight. The third is DiscoTech’s take on Thriller, not much has changed but it was driving Halloween parties across the world 2 weeks ago. The last track is straigh electro without a vocal sample that takes inspiration from one of the dirtiest bass lines ever created, she’s not my lover but i think this is the one,  Billie Jean mixed by Player and Remady.

In this post I play favorites, so without further delay, in preferential order, here are the tracks:

[audio:Michael Jackson – Shamone (Vocal mix).mp3,Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Freemasons Mix).mp3,Michael Jackson – Thriller (DiscoTech Remix).mp3,Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Player and Remady Mix).mp3]

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