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Since I’ve already told you who Deadmau5 is…and I hope you already know enough about Micheal Jackson that I don’t really need to talk about him…I’m going to skip straight to the music! 4 Tracks I came accross. All awesome. All Remixes.

The first is the Bootylicious remix of the hit track Attention Whore by Deadmau5 and Mellefresh, although not quite your so vain, the track is banging nevertheless! The next is a G.reg Bootleg mashup of Smooth Criminal and Ghosts N’ Stuff. The songs work really well together, this is a definate banger! Deadmau5 remixed Jump Around, great track to remix in my opinion, gave it an electro feel, but he made sure to let the song drop in its natural form for part of the track. The last mashup is pretty rediculous. If you want intensity, take Busta Rhymes and Jello, drop them with some Deadmau5 and you have The Reward is Dangerous. Dangerous is one of my favorite popular hip hop tracks, the beat infects your body and makes it move. BussaBust was the shit, his flow was serious and made me delirious, so check a couple of Busta videos bellow and let me know what you think.

Cheers, and Enjoy!

The Monarch!

[audio:Mellefresh and Deadmau5 Attention Whore – (Bootylicious Remix).mp3,Deadmau5 vs MJ – Ghosts N Smooth Criminals (G.reg Bootleg) – 3A.mp3,House of Pain – Jump Around (Deadmau5 Remix).mp3,Deadmau5 vs. Busta Rhymes vs Jelo – The Reward Is Dangerou5 (Mark Starr’s Dangerous Bootleg Mashup).mp3]

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