Paul Revered from Undeaddisco, PSDN!MFO, etc. Gave us his top 10 tracks of the year to share with the world. He’s going to be contributing to the site on a regular basis in the New Year and we are really looking forward to interesting articles and a fresh voice here on the site.


Here they are, without further ado…

Hercules and Love Affair – You Belong (Kevin Saunderson Remix)
Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
Jessica 6 – Fun Girl
Duck Sauce – Anyway (YouTube)

Disco! Disco is back in various forms; from the live horn-set propelled magic of Hercules & Love Affair, to the sample-based Disco House that is the Duck Sauce duo of Armand Van Helden and A-Track, disco has found its way back into the hearts of the general dance world. It’s been a long road back, after the early millennium stab at the 80’s through Electroclash (opening up all barriers), and struggling with an often tasteless devotion to 90’s pop that the youth of the latter part of the decade hold dear to, disco found it’s way up among housers. These incarnations can be in the same vein as Italo styles, such as Toronto artists Parallels (check “Magnetics”), or be a beautiful Balearic style of a swing-stepped disco as with the work of Aeroplane. Disco is merely the umbrella term for an emerging movement in house that doesn’t feel like a computer, a guido, or a tone deaf Electro producer has made.

Tape Deck Bros – The Dance Of The Dead
Mansion – Gasaida
Azari & III – Reckless
Dance Yourself To Death – Midnight Affair (Y&R Remix)

Tape Deck Bros, though new on the scene, and foster a Peter Pan sense of childhood fantasy, will undoubtedly be Toronto’s poster-boys for fun, legitimately good, radio-friendly, pop gold… you’ll see!

Mansion, now signed to SPG Canada, and furthering the expansion to Europe, has triumphed with the release of Gasaida. Violca of Mansion has since been tirelessly been cutting bootleg remixes that floor crowds, such as her Pon De Flor remix (the only version of PDF I will ever listen to), not to mention her recent commissioned remix for Benni Benassi, that will destroy all the Guidos and Guidettes on the dancefloor at the jersey shore!

House music super-duo Dinamo Azari and Alixander III recruited the best male vocalist in the city Cedric Gasaida, aka Starving Yet Full, to give a voice to their vision. Always the best for the boys (best male performer in Fritz Helder, best female songwriter/performer Isis), so after their emergence on the scene with Hungry For The Power (video directed by George Vale and AIII himself, produced by yours truly), they had to follow up with a best! Reckless holds up to any Saunderson or Principle track, I should know I play them side by side. Don’t sleep, tomorrow, Azari & III will best themselves again!

Dance Yourself To Death is so close to my heart. I love this band. Their music ranks in my soul with the like of The XX. But, what I want you to take notice of is Y&R. Don’t sleep Toronto.

CFCF – Crystal Mines
Dusty Kid – Lynchesque

Minimal, sequenced, and spooky… These two are not about explaining. Just enjoy.

That’s it world! Those were the 10 tracks produced in 2009 that I feel look forward to the next movement in dance for the next decade.

– Paul Revered

[audio:Hercules and Love Affair – You Belong (Kevin Saunderson Remix).mp3,Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix).mp3,Jessica 6 – Fun Girl.mp3,TapeDeckBros – The Dance Of The Dead.mp3,Mansion – Gasaida.mp3,Azari and III – Reckless.mp3,Dance Yourself To Death – Midnight Affair (YandR Remix).mp3,CFCF – Crystal Mines.mp3,Dusty Kid – Lynchesque.mp3]

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