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Mar 25, 2009

When I first stumbled across Snowblink, I couldn’t help but wonder what the reasons behind the bizarre name might be. I figured it had to be something as deep and intricate as the complex, eerie, and stunning melodies the band creates. In the end, my attempts to over analyze the name were shot down after reading a little more into the woman behind Snowblink, Daniela Gesundheit.
She explains that Snowblink, “is a plain old dictionary word, meaning: a white reflection in the sky of snow or ice on the ground. At first it was a lyric in a song, then a song title, then the band name. I liked that it was not an object in itself, but a reflection of something.”
This idea of reflection now clearly goes hand in hand with the band’s sound. It’s earthy and organic tunes seem to reflect something bigger about our surroundings & they encourage their audience members to feel the same.
The rad thing about Gesundheit is that she re-vamps her band with extra members as she travels from city to city. She has invited over a dozen folks across the U.S. & Canada to join her when circumstances permit. You might be surprised to find out that some of these lucky fellas included a pre-dance-floor-dominating version of Electro boy wonders MGMT. She included the guys as back up singers/percussionists/whisperers when she met them back in University. Now she mostly performs with Dan Goldman, occasionally joined by Isla Craig and Ryan Driver.

Just YouTubing this band yields some pretty trippy results for their live shows, bordering on performance art with the band casting fishing rods into the audience, or playing their drums with pom-poms. Even if folk isn’t usually your thing, check Snowblink out, if not for the dream-like grooves, then to step out of the box for a bit.
-Right On
[audio:Snowblink – Sing Me an Oak Tree.mp3,Snowblink – Appaloosa! Whiplash.mp3,Snowblink – When Pushed from a High Branch.mp3]

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