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Jul 20, 2009


Moving away from electro, let’s take a moment for the JeanMarie. This blog focuses so heavily on the creative things that can be done with existing music, it’s easy to forget that there are some people out there who continue to make that shit from scratch. As much as we all enjoy a musician who can process and synthesize, there is something to be said for people who, you know…play instruments. The JeanMarie, makers of self-described “brutal dance pop”, have a reputation for energetic live shows and entertaining on-stage dynamics, which has made them a welcome addition to the scene in Miami. Much of the journalism surrounding the band focuses on the strength of their live performances and their ability to move a crowd, but the novelty of a live band in an electro-dominated city is not enough bring the band widespread success. Based on the two tracks sent to from their first LP Annie Jump Cannon it’s clear that the JeanMarie is a talented band, but adds nothing new to the indie-folky-dance scene. If they want to make it farther north, their recorded work needs to meet the fabled energy of their live shows.

Of the two tracks posted here, I would say “Bonepickers” is more worth the listen. It starts strong with a bluesy rift, but then takes a dip into monotony at the bridge as weak harmonies and what I can only assume is a Fisherprice baby piano temporarily kill the mood. It does pick up though, resuming its bounce with only a few returns of the obnoxious synth. “Vampires” is a little harder, less dancy, more generic. It doesn’t seem to fit the band’s talents as well as “Bonepickers”.  The lyrics in both songs are largely negligible, and perhaps that is for the best. The music is not meaningful, or “mature” as the band’s bio so often claims, but the tunes are catchy and entertaining while they last and then forgotten.  If the JeanMarie’s live shows are leaving a lasting impression with the Miami club scene, the feeling really doesn’t translate to these recorded tracks.

[audio:Jean Marie – Bonepickers.mp3,Jean Marie – Vampires Pt.2.mp3]

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