Does anybody else go through phases where they listen to pretty much exclusively one genre of music?  I do all the time..  They usually last about 3 or 4 weeks, and then I switch gears.  Anything can bring the change on really – some big event where I hear good music from that genre, a mood where I just ‘need to hear that song’, or boredom.

Right now I’m on a serious hip hop kick, and have listened to a lot of old favourites this week.  I have only a few go-tos when I really need hip hop, and 9th Wonder is definitely one.  I’ve posted about him before with more recent stuff – the stuff in this post is exclusively off the Justus League ‘Just Us Vol. 2’ album, released in 2003, with the exception of the very last track which came off of the Buckshot/9th Wonder collab ‘The Formula’.  The guy as a producer rivals Premier, J Dilla, and RJD2, and these tracks are the proof.

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[audio:9th Wonder – Beat 4 Dollas Circulate.mp3,9th Wonder – Beat 2.mp3,Big Pooh – Heart Of The City.mp3,Little Brother – Nicsgroove.mp3,Pete Rock Cl Smooth – Take You There 9th Wonder Remix.mp3,Buckshot and 9th Wonder ft. Talib Kweli – Hold It Down.mp3]

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