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Apr 26, 2009

I remember back in high school listening to J5.  At the time I was really in to Power in Numbers, and I particularly liked a track called What’s Golden.  There are a lot of similarities in the style of Brassmunk and J5; the jazzy boom-bap inspired horns and synthy bass on the beats, and the rhyme flow I’m sure is inspired at least in part by the west coast legends.  It’s a funny thing really, growing up in Canada – I’m quite sure many of the people who read this post won’t have heard of them, and I probably only heard them because of Canadian content laws.

I’ve included my three favorite tracks – let me know what you think.  The rap on the third isn’t the strongest throughout, but the flow is great and it has some excellent punch lines.  The video is fantastic – leave us a comment if you can identify where the first half of the video was shot!



BrassMunk Myspace
[audio:BrassMunk – BIG.mp3,BrassMunk – El Dorado.mp3,BrassMunk – Born in Stereo.mp3]

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