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Apr 19, 2009


I was DJ’ing last night at Club V and I got to chatting about underground hip-hop and my influences, and ultimately the conversation lead to Hiero.  When I was first getting in to more underground stuff 9 or 10 years ago I would search for artists in collaborations with ones I already knew, artists on the same label, and look for solo works of artists from groups like this one.  Since, I’ve listened to more than two dozen separate releases by groups in one way or another associated with Hiero, like Handsome Boy Modelling School, Gorillaz, O.C., and more.

The first track is a sort of ‘story rap’ that reminds me of driving my friends around in high school.  The other is the track that introduced me to the group, off their debut album.  The third is a song that took me a while to appreciate the awesome lyrical content and flow.

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[audio:Hieroglyphics – At The Helm.mp3,Hieroglyphics – Cab Fare.mp3,Hieroglyphics – Mics of The Roundtable.mp3]

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