Enter Shikari Is Way More (Post) Hardcore Than This Blog

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Nov 22, 2008

Let me start this off by saying this is NOT a track for the faint of heart. For those of you who get as far as hitting play, you’re probably wondering why the hell I’m reviewing a song by a Post-Hardcore band on a blog dominated by hip-hop and electro reviews.

Well, first and most importantly, because I like the track, and a lot of other stuff put out by the band. Secondly, because I think Enter Shikari is an interesting example of the fusion of different musical styles. Also, it’s 2: 30 in the morning and I need a break from writing about the French revolution of 1848. I won’t deny that this is a band that is much more influenced by its post-hardcore roots than by electronic music, and this isn’t even their heaviest song, but the fact of the matter is that electronic music is finding it’s way into genres that would not otherwise be expected. As far as for the musical merit of the track, that depends on how much you can stomach the screaming and pounding guitar. If you cant, at least try to make it through the first 25 seconds or so. For those of you who can survive the sonic barrage and actually don’t mind it, dare to check out Sorry You’re Not A Winner by the same band. More intense in terms of pretty much everything, including an awesomely odd electronic part over the chorus. Or just take the alternative of telling me my taste sucks.

[audio:Enter Shikari – Acid Nation.mp3,Enter Shikari – Sorry Youre Not a Winner (Zane Lowe BBC Session).mp3]

And finally, if you dare, check out this awesome remix of Insomnia’s Faithless:

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