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Jan 8, 2009

(An awesome Akon track…thanks to Kardi, Tdot STAND UP!)

Akon is at a point in his career where creativity and ingenuity have unfortunately become unnecessary to his continued popularity and success. He has been releasing “hit after hit”, and its a lot of shit if you ask me. Either way the sound of his voice on his recordings is perfect to be remixed. Here are two strong examples of this. ClubDJTeam continues to take top 40 tracks to the next level and turn them into great crossover songs for DJs who want to appeal to broader demographics while still maintaining some musical credibility. Let us know what you think! I’m tossing out some Dangerous remixes I’ve had for a while for fun as well, let me know if you have heard them before or what you think if you havent!

[audio:Akon – Right Now (ClubDJTeam).mp3,Akon – Right Now (Kue Klub Mix).mp3]

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