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Nov 14, 2019

Erez & Sapphire released a new emotional anthem entitled “Joy Jail”. The three minute record gives an eery presence with ethereal synths, dark bass lines, intoxicating saxophone and bold vocals. The song does a fantastic job with slow build ups and releases creating a dynamic thought provoking listen from front to back. The minimal yet hard hitting drums and percussion sound great with their gritty and organic textures. This is what they had to say about “Joy Jail”:

“There are many paradoxes or counter intuitive truths in this universe. Discipline=Freedom or trying less sometimes gives you the ability to then relax and achieve more.

The same applies to our relationships, especially romantic ones.
Many times you may fall in love so deeply or become so infatuated with a person that your Joy becomes your Jail or your Choice becomes your Chain.

This is the subject of our next single Joy Jail. We explore this concept of being trapped in the very thing we love so much.”

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