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Sep 30, 2019

Chris Duggan (aka Plaid Brixx) is a lifetime musician who lives in Columbus, OH. At age 7 he begged for a guitar for Christmas after being transfixed by music videos on MTV. Since then he has written numerous albums and songs under various project names and in 2012 he graduated from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute. He just dropped a new music video for his single “Wanna Be Loved”, watch it below now.. Above the video check out a quote from Plaid Brixx on the visual.The pop and EDM single is not only a great tune but comes with a great visual that Plaid helped direct himself. Love the way this video was shot. It sort of reminds me of a real life version of a Rick and Morty sketch.

“I am a huge fan of the sci-fi genre and wanted to make a video that touched on that. The premise is that an alien scientist comes to Earth to study love and ends up falling in love.” – Plaid Brixx

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