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Jul 11, 2019

Today we have the pleasure of premiering a bright new pop track from the up and coming artist, Plaid Brixx. I first discovered this group back in 2014, when I heard their debut EP, Chemistry. I still remember jamming out alone in my apartment to the lead single on that collection and being incredibly impressed by the heavy-hitting, rock stylings. Honestly, it the sound was something akin to the Arctic Monkeys or Fall Out Body, which got my blood pumping with each new listen.

For that reason, you can imagine excited I am to be given the opportunity to premiere the music video for their latest track, “All About Tonight.” Here, Chris Duggan, the man behind Plaid Brixx, changes up his style slightly from that first EP, taking on a more approachable, pop style that’s reminiscent of Imagine Dragons, Bastile, or Halsey.

On this warm July day, this is the perfect time for this summer anthem. An uplifting, optimistic lyrics dance nicely alongside joyful synths and a robotic percussion, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere that puts a smile on my face with each listens.

The video takes a fun, innocent approach to the idea of modern nightlife, which is certainly a breath of fresh air and a funny juxtaposition to the rampant debauchery that characterizes the majority of the modern music scene. Overall, I love the vibe here. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

If Plaid Brixx keeps this energy up, I’m sure we’ll be seeing them all around the indie music festival circuit in no time. Check them out here before they blow up.

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