Bananacondas – Sacred Cow [Salacious Sound Premiere]


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Oct 27, 2016

The Michigan based indie-pop group Bananacondas, led by Robert Porte, caught my ear recently with their groovy, garage rock stylings. Over the past five years Porte has been building quite the impressive portfolio of indie-pop and punk tunes. My favorite of which being their sunny debut single “Mexico.”

His latest work, “Sacred Cow,” was on repeat all morning as I went about my usual routine. The mellow atmosphere created by Bananacondas had me vibing as I scrambled some eggs and finished the odd chores. Chilled out guitar progressions, entrancing synths and uplifting vocals dance throughout the piece, all beckoning you to kick back and enjoy.

“Sacred Cow” certainly showcases the band’s musical progress since the release of “Mexico.” As Porte moves towards a more unique, refined style I’ll definitely have my ears attuned. If you feel the same way, stay on the look out for his first full-length album coming soon!


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