Munchi - Bek Den Bo Block

Munchi – Bek Den Bo Block

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Jun 16, 2017


Munchi - Bek Den Bo Block

Munchi – Bek Den Bo Block

Every time you hear that infamous whistle, it’s a¬†guarantee to be one of the toughest tracks you hear. The only way to describe that moment is similar to when you were a kid and you opened a pack of Pokemon cards and got a crazy holographic card. Well, the Moombah/Dembow/Afro sound is evolving and making a huge comeback in pop and reggaeton music. This latest release by self-proclaimed poke’ master Munchi gives us that third evolution of Dembow. “Bek Den Bo Block’ features trap vocals and a bubbling sound that really livens this track. The song is so tough and pushes that signature sound of Munchi, Its a must download. Enjoy!


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