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Feb 9, 2016

Almost 2 years since the release of its first counterpart, as well as a few recent weeks of single releases, it’s finally here – Haywyre’s Two Fold Pt. 2 is out in its full glory! The 9-track album not only takes the listener on a multifaceted journey of sounds and vivid imagery, but also bestows some of the philosophy which brings both parts together as a dichotomous whole. Stream the entire album below, and check out the BitTorrent Bundle to download the entire album, along with a few extra goodies!



One of the most curious, if not the most curious question on everyone’s minds is how this differs from Two Fold Pt. 1. First and foremost is the stark contrast in the artwork, where Pt. 1 displays a bright and natural landscape, as compared to Pt. 2’s man-made futuristic city, blanketed by a night sky.


2 fold pt 1

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It’s an accurate representation as to what one will hear on each album – Pt. 1 has more of a transcendent (and slightly organic) feel to it, whereas Pt. 2 sports a “pre-manufactured” and synthesized vibe, especially given the increased prevalence of altered/robotic vocals heard throughout.

Two Fold Pt. 2 itself is meant to be listened to in order, for the most fluidity between songs. Yet, despite each track intricately tying into its adjacent neighbour(s), they can easily hold their own, given the varying difference between each. There were a few songs that really stood out in the album for me:

If the album is represented as the futuristic city depicted in the artwork, then Impulse would be the subterranean district hidden below the Metropolis. There isn’t a song that brings it lower than this, given its emphasized basslines, accompanied with distant/distorted guitar riffs, as well as what sounds like the somber tale of a Shehnai flute, heard near the end. Given the first few tracks prior to this one are more of an introduction, this is a great way to be pulled down into the heart of the album.



Moment can be seen as Martin and his style’s maturity into a new realm. Creating a song with a Majestic Casual-esque vibe (plus a dash of psychedelic), this track, along with Do You Don’t You right before it, may be a precursor to Haywyre’s intimate side approaching the front stage. Or, like Impulse before those two, it could be just that – created on an impulse.



And then there’s Memory – As a sucker for funk, this caught my ear the instant I heard it. It can also be seen as ‘Moment, Pt. 2’, given the similar vocals in each – this time around, instead of the vocals providing a soft, serene vibe, they’re paired with some delicious bass riffs, coming off as much sharper, sexier, and ready to funk on the dancefloor.



All in all, I really enjoyed what the album has to offer, most notably for jumping across multiple styles and genres so seamlessly. As Martin brings the Two Fold project to a close, he’s gone to show how far he’s come since it started, along with how much further he’s capable of going with future works – but with an avid imagination and creative outlet like his, it’s never an easy feat to predict where he’s going to go next.

Until then, Haywyre’s about to embark on a heavy tour across North America, to commemorate Pt. 2’s release!  With newly announced tour dates (and even more to be announced down the road) this’ll no doubt keep him busy until the end of winter. Check the updated list to see if he’s stopping by a city near you!


haywyre two fold pt 2



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