Emerson Long – Heatwave

The cold winter blizzards have finally hit the East Coast of the United States. Daylight hours are spent trudging through snow-laden streets and evening hours become a routinely affair of commuting back home as quickly as possible. It’s no wonder that we might all be wishing for a bit of sunny relief. Of course, turning to music is always a steadfast escape from reality, and cold weather is definitely not a deterrent from listening to some brilliantly ear-tastic tunes either.

Take a quick listen, or maybe several, of Emerson Long’s inspirationally summer-themed song, “Heatwave”. With husky vocals and whistling synth melodies, this is a single that won’t disappoint the ears of listeners on the prowl for any tunes that could throw them back to late evenings spent at some music festival last summer, fireflies, and other nostalgic warm weather memories.

Oh, and one last thing. While listening to “Heatwave”, Emerson recommends listeners to do “anything that reminds you of summer, whether that’s huddling like penguins with your friends to keep warm or putting on sun screen even though it’s -20 degrees outside.”

Just to keep your summer dreams alive.. it’s only a couple more months!

Emerson Long




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