Whether you are like me longing for the sun on your face and the warm sand between your toes or you have managed to get away from old man winter by heading south, I think we can all agree that winter has outlived its welcome. This month I have spent too many days freezing cold  staring at the cold bleak city scape longing for coconut trees,the sea and the sun. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to head south so instead I spent my time escaping to the beach through music. Here are some of my favourite new summer tracks put together into a mix that will keep you warm until the big thaw.




Stay with us – Seoul
Open (ColeCo) – Rhye
Make your way – EMBRZ
Don’t ask why – Moon Boots
Look in yours eyes – Pherotone
Night Keys – Satin Jackets
Pound Cake (TonyTone Remix) – Drake
Horizon – Olin & Savile
Naku Penda Piya

Stay True,


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