Flight Facilities “Down to Earth (Sean Glass Remix)” #FreeDownload

Flight Facilities Down to Earth Sean Glass Remix Artwork

I’m very happy to send this one out. It’s my favorite piece of music I’ve ever created. I really started doing this so that I could play a certain sound in my DJ set, and this is it. That it’s a remix of my first signing, Flight Facilities, makes it even more special.

I┬árecently lost a great friend in the Nepal earthquake–Dan Fredinburg. Dan was a legend, truly deserving of every cliche people have used to describe him. #LiveDan has real meaning (check out that hashtag). I was beyond moved with the memorial we held for him last weekend in San Francisco. I was honored to debut this track at the party he instructed us to have should he not return.

This track and its campaign are dedicated to The Dan Fredinburg Foundation. Please donate whatever you can at www.crowdrise.com/celebratedan. There was another earthquake last week, and they really need the help. The foundation is just being set up, so if you want to get involved, please reach out. Otherwise check in for updates soon. There will be a large scale Nepal Relief benefit in New York in June that we are helping put together. Thanks to @themostfamousartist for artwork.

Additionally, if it weren’t for Dan, this track was to be dedicated to #FKalways. Listen to the full song and you’ll see why.

Grab your #FreeDownload and please DONATE!

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