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Apr 23, 2015

Berlin pop starlet Kat Vinter returns with a brand new video for her latest single Downtime.

Between the urban creative hub of Berlin and a small cabin located deep in the woodlands of the Swedish border to Norway the team has since been crafting layers of hip hop inspired beats, tribal drums, waves of synths and aching ethereal vocals. Themes such as isolation, intimacy, fate, deception and obsession surface and re-occur. The result is a lush and mysterious soundscape of brooding, beat driven pop music with moments of darkness and light, beauty and tension.

“’Downtime’ is about the creation of an intimate microcosmos between lovers and the subsequent obsession and somewhat desperation that ensues in trying to keep this fragile yet sacred connection intact.” she says. “When reality sets in and the exterior pressures of life disrupt this perfect balance, we can be left craving this intimacy like a drug and always feeling like we are unable to achieve the level of bliss and affection that was initially established. “Downtime” is a plea to let external paraphernalia fade into the background and to restore the intimate connection between lovers that is so desired.”

Downtime is taken from Kat’s debut EP Islands which is out April 28th via Culvert Music.


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