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So I was talking with longtime SalaciousSound subscriber, and commentator Cody LeKush the other day about this list and he mentioned the fact that people keep listing artists whose albums were released last year and have been blowing up since last year. So I decided to look at the artists that I loved who had some current releases and I perceived to be making waves this year rather than riding waves from last year’s releases.

Pryda! Pryda! Pryda! Pryda! Pryda! Miami to Atlanta, is the SHIT!

Royksopp! Royksopp! Royksopp! A group that was given so much love at the beginning of this year that it was almost sickening. Ok, maybe it was deserved.

TIGA!!!! HOLLY FUCK HOW DOES NO ONE SAY TIGA! His album is one of my favorite things out there. Everything from the heavy Mind Dimension to joking around with tracks like Shoes and Sex O’Clock (any DJ who plays either of these tracks is shown immediate love as I run from wherever I am in the club to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU,  THANK YOU).

And no mention of Major Lazer? MAJOR LAZER IS GOING TO BLOW THE FUCK UP THIS YEAR! The album has yet to be released but what is cool is that it is going to expand the impact of indigenous music on electronic music, something that definitely is intriguing. I grew up on Soca, Calypso and Reggae and hearing these influences definitely makes my heart tingle.

Buraka Som Sistema!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. If you haven’t seen their show yet, if you haven’t heard their music yet, hear it. In the same vein as Major Lazer they are helping a new sound explode on electronic music.

The +1 has to go to The Juan MacLean, they kill it. Just so you know and their album dropped in April. They will be touring this summer and are always on point making me jiggle on the dance floor.

Just food for thought, not sure if anyone is else out there is listening to stuff without wobbly and fidgety basslines, sometimes clean sounds good! Not to mention being artist who actually released albums in 2009, rather than 2008. Yes the artists mentioned are big in 2009, but who WILL BE BIG in 2009. Who has shit coming out, shit that just came out, who is releasing what is going to be hailed as “blowing up in 2010” at the beginning of 2009 as everyone starts to catch on.

Dubstep is bound to blow up this summer. It is already infiltrating sets that aren’t being played for Dubstep crowds. With sorority girls and frat boys alike loving the sound, it has come out of the subculture into the mainstream. Skream and Benga’s show at Wrongbar this summer will continue to push it towards a more mainstream electronic music crowd here in Toronto. However, when I ask myself what the biggest deals of this year are, Dubstep is finally getting its due, regardless of the fact that there are things happening that go so far beyond just people hearing what already has existed.

As artists like Major Lazer and Buraka Som Sistema become more common, look for a whole new audience of Electronic music lovers. As the calypsos, reggaes and socas of the world begin to infiltrate this music look for electronic music to infiltrate these genres and appeal to a new group of people.

Anyway I was bored and started writing, not sure if people agree with what I’ve said or not. But get back to me, give me your feedback. Am I way off base? Or did I come crashing into home and knee the catcher the balls so that he dropped the ball and we ended up with 1 more run in a game that we ended up losing by 20. Don’t ask what that was about, because i don’t even know what that metaphor means.

(By the way I am posting blog friendly remixes but check out the above video’s some original tracks)

[audio:Major Lazer – Call Mi (Dave Kelley’s Hold The Line Remix feat. Baby Cham).mp3,Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Golden Gloves Wobble n Shake Remix).mp3,Chairlift – Evident Utensil (The Juan Maclean Remix).mp3,Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Breakbot Remix).mp3]

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