Blonde – All Cried Out feat. Alex Newell (Oliver Nelson)

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Apr 24, 2015


Once in awhile you’ll hear a track that will genuinely have you worried that you might have accidentally traveled back in time somehow. Oliver Nelson’s remix of ‘All Cried Out’ actually made me feel that way. In this funky new remix Blonde’s 90s UK House inspired summer dance anthem meets Oliver Nelson’s 100% pure funk, groovy, nu disco goodness straight from the 70s (well I guess if its from the 70s it really can’t be ‘nu’ but my point still stands). The result? One of the grooviest  tunes I’ve heard in a loooong time. If you thought that Alex Newell’s vocals were suited perfectly to a 90s style House anthem just wait till you here how he sounds over Nelson’s funky backdrop instrumentals.

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