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Sep 16, 2014

Teenage Mutants

Google search the German city of Mainz and image results are of a picturesque city located along the river Rhine. Beautiful cathedrals, various churches and a number of museums, such as Gutenberg Museum, the Museum für Antike Schiffahr  and Landesmuseum Mainz can be seen. But this isn’t some travel site, this is Salacious Sound! This beautiful city holds a well kept secret, one that I’ve managed to uncover.

Deep in the underground, post World War 2 ruins, a strange man, one with unique abilities in music production, hypnotizes residents and unwary travelers with worldly sounds. I’ve come across the most recent release by the man dubbed Teenage Mutants. A track filled with deep bass, samples of some strange actor, and far out synths that are beautifully intertwined for a late night rave. Take a listen, if you dare.


I think this chickens undercooked…


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