♥KAPPA KAVI♥ – Yama – no – Kami Pt. II



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Jul 17, 2014



Translation time: If you didn’t study Japanese culture, or  didn’t accidentally poke your head into Japanese 101 on your first day of classes, then the title of this post is probably as bizarre as the hieroglyphics at Giza. To start, Yama no kami, is a reference to a mountain region in Japan, and depending on your religious preferences, a deity as well. Kappa kavi, on the other-hand, is a colloquial expression for a cup of coffee. So, how do all of these Japanese references relate to the wonderful song you are about to listen to? Nothing really. Kappa Kavi, has created a great dance track–boosting glittery samples, a synth that sounds like my cat, (fuck yes) and a delightful piano outro only perfect for such a bizarre song, Yama – no – Kami Pt. II impresses on many levels.



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