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Jun 13, 2014



Over the past year, Hush Hush Records has been growing at an insane pace. Labelhead Alex Ruder, well-versed in the music scene, uses his knowledge to his advantage by bringing fresh artists like this to the forefront. With an increasing number of new artists and showcases at Decibel Festival, I was excited to see what their first compilation held. Featuring producers from Italy to Seattle, Hush Hush: Presents, Vol. 1, has an overall atmospheric vibe that stays true throughout the listen. Going into this auditory quest, I was only familiar with a few names, leaving me with few pre-conceived notions.  Overall, I was very impressed and found myself putting several songs on repeat. Standouts included Keenya, Chase Miles, IG88, Yakamoto Kotzuga. Now, I would not recommend this compilation as a listen before a party – if that is the case, then your desire may be cut short by deep and internal thought. Take a couple hours out of your day and take a listen to this. It is a name your own price sort of deal on bandcamp and worth every free penny you can afford.


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