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Mar 20, 2014


For all those that enjoy a good funky house tune, take a listen to this ear biscuit from Wifred Giroux. U Make Me is a nice little taste of what’s to come on his upcoming EP, Stronger scheduled to drop April 7th. And if you pre-order it, you’ll get a download code and a sweet t-shirt. I don’t know about you guys, but I love artist tees. People say, “OMG who is that guy?” and you smirk and humbly reply, “I’ll remind you in a couple years when they’re famous.” Or something like that…

Wilfred Giroux on:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Pre-Order + Tee

Peace, Love, and Spring Break,


p.s. Best soundcloud comment goes to the guy who said, “love that mixture.” I don’t really know what you’re talking about… but yeah. It’s a great mixture.


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