Splice is Changing the Way Producers Collaborate Online and So Much More

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Mar 27, 2014


Splice, a new music startup that is currently in private beta, aims to make it easier than ever for producers to collaborate online. They can write together and get feedback from their team or even fans.

They are applying the same principles that software engineers use to collaborate online to music production to build a platform that could easily be compared to HubSpot for music producers.

The best news, versions are automatically backed up so you can revisit earlier iterations, or perhaps more importantly go back to an earlier version that sounded amazing before you started overthinking it.

I’m hoping to get some homies to test it out, since I don’t produce I won’t personally be able to use it. However, after seeing a number of friends deal with losing earlier versions or parts of songs I often empathize with their pain and hope that Splice can be a solution.

Its cool to see someone doing for music producers what Google Docs has done for me, at least that is the most analogous to my own personal experience.

Get on the waiting list here!

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