Monty Cold x Louis Futon – Caviar

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Sep 18, 2013


Monty Cold, the Maryland boy with my favorite flow, recently released the rawest track yet, Caviar. Indulging in his expensive tastes, Monty teams up with Louis Futon to create auditory gold.

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Please Support Louis Futon on  Facebook   |  SoundCloud  |  Twitter

We’ve watched Monty Cold come up from zilch to zillions within a matter of months. Now soaring above the hip hop game, Monty, and KatHaus are hosting a remix competition! Now’s your time to shine, rappers and producers! If you win, your prize includes an official KatHaus Records remix release, official write up and feature, official TrapStyle TV interview, 2 free tickets to an upcoming TrapStyle/KatHaus/Blasted Events party in Los Angeles and a chance to perform at an upcoming show!

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