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Jun 20, 2013

FlyLo’s BrainFeeder collective houses some of the best underground Hip-Hop artists such as The Underachievers, Gaslamp Killer, and Jeremiah Jae.  Azizi Gibson is no exception in quality! This Maryland MC has just dropped his latest mixtape. Titled, Ghost In The Shell, Azizi offers nineteen tracks of pure enjoyment. Azizi is a rapper I’ve been following for sometime now, and I can say GITS is his best work to date. Everything about this project is fantastic! Azizi spits verses that reference everything from finding hair on his dick to Harry Potter. It took me a couple listens to fully appreciate the production, there are a ton of tempo changes and little intricacies hidden in the tracks. Production is handled by Jonathan Lowell and MiLLZ, except Boom  Rewind is produced by Dae Han. The production has a nice hazy feel to it and compliments Azizi perfectly. Ghost In The Shell is one of the best Mixtapes of the summer!



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