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May 7, 2013

We first got a taste of Destroid last year with the track Raise Your Fist. It was a stellar piece of Drumstep, but to be honest it didn’t sound so different from Excision’s solo stuff. Why would he make a new project? The months following the initial three singles we got some new info about what Destroid really was, a live electronic band. KJ Sawka, Downlink, and Excision himself are poised to change live electronic music. With that introduction out of the way lets get down to the music! The Invasion is a HEAVY album that never slows down.

What these ten tracks lack in variety, it makes up for it with intensity. Every song shows Excisions love for Metal and Hip-Hop. On the track, Flip The Switch, Messinian spits a couple verses that feature his signature flow. Flip The Switch is one of the standout tracks with it’s combination of speed and intricacy. Downlink has a solo track here, Activation, it’s a bouncy Electro House jam that keeps the style of this album intact. Bassnectar and Far Too Loud make excellent appearances as well, Bassnectar’s being the standout collaboration on the album.

This may not be “Avant Garde” but this album does what it sets out to do; be as heavy as possible and be fun. It’s that simple, this album is pure fun. If you’re looking for heart convulsing bass and fast drums, then this is for you!


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