4 More Mellow Tracks to Put Your Mind at Ease



1. Frank Ocean – Lost (Wet Paint Remix) [Download via Facebook]


I can’t get enough of this remix by Wet Paint. It’s not too much, it’s not too little, and he couldn’t have picked a better Frank Ocean song to use.



2. The XX – Angels (Sango Remix)


After being overwhelmed by the initial flood of XX remixes I’m ready to start taking them seriously again. Case in point? This remix by Sango. The way he chops the vocals is unique and don’t get me started on how well the song progresses.


3. Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Sango Remix)


Okay, so I’m cheating a little by posting a second song by Sango, but I just had to.. this is downtempo soul at its best.


4. Tokyo Hands – Jeans [Download]


Finishing us off is Tokyo Hands with an original track that expertly blend R&B and ambience.



– Ziad

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