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Jun 16, 2012

Two Inch Punch is a moniker certain to gain more attention over the coming months; Ben Ash is developing a unique talent of layering and patching together the most abstract of melodic vocal samples, to create a sound unheard before in the toned down, loved up areas of dubstep.

You can neither distinguish this producer as minimalistic or maximalistic (if such a word exists), and yet there’s a profound sense that TIP manipulates his selected samples tirelessly and meticulously. They don’t sound human, yet you still want to sing softly to the resonating chords heard in the Matt Cronin-directed ‘Moonstruck’ video – forthcoming from his imminent EP, ‘Saturn: The Slow Jams’ (released June 25th through PMR Records).

Many dubstep artists who shy away from the “filthy drops” and whatnot are swept under a collective James Blake-esque subcategory. Yet TIP has a sound of his own; vocal hums and squeaks are given prominence in Moonstruck,  resulting in a strangely enchanting, melancholic – if not depressing – yet immediately replayable track. The incessant gaps that litter the singer’s cries offer a gorgeous rhythm to the song, as Two Inch Punch almost seems to portray a whole love story, with no more than a few tweaked vocals chopped ‘n’ screwed to precision.

And then there’s the accompanying video. Should you laugh at how ridiculous it is? Or be amazed at how the producer and director have somehow married clips from Barbarella (such a bad film it hurts) to a soulful and emotive track like this? Glitching Jane Fonda’s wooden attempts at acting to the track’s jumps works a treat, whilst giving a genuinely accurate visual representation of TIP’s song; an awkward composition that doesn’t sound or feel right, but somehow, it just is.

Two Inch Punch is a talented producer; songs like Moonstruck exhibit a unique and progressive sound, offering a soft, almost romantic, listen for fans of bass-inspired music. Check out his other loved-up works via Soundcloud:

Oh, and for the record, I sure as hell laughed at this video.

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