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Jun 9, 2012


Mikkas (probably best known for his remix of Porter Robinson’s Unison off the Spitfire EP) has released a free track on his Soundcloud page entitled Moth. It’s got a nice blend of piano-led melody cool-downs and pounding full-stop blasts of sound to the chest. It’s got a great glitchy vibe to it, and is definitely on the melonchalic side of dub step.

It should really be celebrated when an artist steps outside their comfort zone to create something in another genre; even if it’s a small one, it’s still an artist moving to make something different and perhaps expand their sound into areas it may not have otherwise explored.

I will admit I have a bit of vested interest in this track; the album art is done by none other than yours truly.

You can download Moth off of Mikkas’ Soundcloud page.

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