Ninjatune’s Emika, A New Discovery


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Oct 25, 2011

When I saw that two of my most trusted sources for interesting music, URB writer Mitch Strashnov and photogapher Chris Leung, both “liked” Emika today I figured I might as well check out the fan page. I then hit Youtube, the best source for finding tracks by any artist of interest, to discover a few videos on Ninjatune’s channel.

The following three videos are in order from oldest to newest but you should check all three out. Powerful sub bass mixed with melancholy vocals combine to make beautiful and moving music.

Her biography states that she is currently a sound designer for Native Instruments, a vocation that is evident in the sonic quality of her compositions. The musicality of her work showcases her training in classical piano and composition.

She states:

“I am focused on the world of sound and the power of the human voice, the instant connections it makes with listeners, in music. In general I feel there is a lack of vocabulary in the field of electronic music.”

I am now eagerly anticipating her upcoming album slated to be released in “the near future” thanks to Mitch and Chris.

Emika – Double Edge

Emika – Drop The Other

Emika – ‘Professional Loving’

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