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Joshua Steele, better known as Flux Pavilion is back with another hit. For fans of his singles Bass Cannon and I Can’t Stop, this song won’t disappoint. Included in this EP is an original mix featuring the vocals of UK singer/rapper Example, and three remixes across electro, drum & bass, and moombahton. The original track offers a more melodic take on dubstep and deserves to be heard.


Daydreamer feat. Example

Once you hear the intro you know this is a unique listening experience. The opening arrangement does a great job of setting up the hook; the strings are simplistic but beautiful to listen to, as though Flux P is plucking a harp in the distance. This small effect is a great one — indeed, this song is filled with powerful little details.

Example’s voice fits the vibe of the song. What I dont like about some EDM songs is sometimes the singer takes you out of the experience, but that is not the case here.

His vocals and lyrics carry weight throughout the song, and I suspect almost every listener will be singing along by the end. The thing I like the most about this track is the bass line. Flux made the bass solid while the harmony plays. When the harmony changes pitch, so does the bass. There is no “talking” bass in this song and that’s what I love about it. The drop is simple yet astonishing — even though it doesn’t hit hard as some ‘bangers’, this could easily contend with the biggest dubstep tracks of the year.

Another thing to note about this song is that all the drums were recorded with live drums, and the effect is noticeable. It’s a subtle effect which gives the song a more “human” feel, and I appreciate it a great deal.


Daydreamer (Dillon Francis Remix)

Dillon Francis turns this 141 BM banger into an ultra catchy 112 BPM Moombahton jam. The beat and persistent + driving clap will have your head bobbing from beginning to end. The build up keeps much of the originals intact but the drop is pure Francis. He has really made a style that you can instantly recognize and it shines here. What makes the drop so good is that it sounds like Dillon took the melody and turned it into wobbles — it employs elements from the original song, retaining the feel, while being original all on its own. And that’s a fine line to walk.


Daydreamer (Danny Byrd Remix)

This remix is a Drum and Bass jam set at 175 BPM. Most of the song just feels faster. The only thing that sounds different are the drums and tempo. But towards the end of the song Danny chops the vocals up in a very unique way. Each word then proceeds to go up and down octaves, and at this speed it sounds very cool. But other than that there’s nothing noteworthy. I did enjoy this remix but I feel like there could have been more done. If fast paced is your forte then this remix will have you jumping.


Daydreamer (Jack Beats Remix)

This funked out Electo House jam sounds like it could have been produced by Koan Sound. Warning though, this remix is full of wobbles. The whole song is basically a five minute wobble. That may sound annoying but the way Jack does it makes it extremely catchy. Along with the funky beat and synths, you’ll be bouncing till the end of this song. My only complaint is that other than the melody of the bridge and the vocals there are no resemblance of the original track. Without those two things this song feels like it could have been a stand alone track. Regardless, I’m glad it was included in the package.

Flux has made another great song, and along with it comes some wonderful remixes. I hope Flux keeps developing this sound and fleshing it out in the future. I think he’s breaking new ground with this song. Any fan of EDM should give this a listen.

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