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Jun 1, 2012

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Label: Dim Mak Records


Alvin Risk has been a hot topic lately, garnering attention with a string of originals, and remixes for the likes of Kaskade, Janelle Monae, and Steve Aoki.

Early in his career he focused heavily on remixes, and produced some really outstanding Moombahton material. With the release of Infinity, Alvin has really showed us that there is still much untapped ground in the world of EDM.



The album opens to a beat with an intensity that is heard and felt. As the kick drum slams hard in the fore, the background is filled by eerie synth sounds which are contrasting and evoke an unsettling feeling. Shortly, the build up starts. A voice comes in and paints a very dark picture in the listener’s mind.

As it culminates, you hear a women scream, and then the words “PSYCHOTIC!” The kick drum pounds again, and along with it a razor-sharp synth pierces through the speakers. Despite the strangeness, you can’t help but dance.

This song is a certified ‘banger’, and I’m sure it will played by many DJs for quite some time.


Survival Ft. Sirah

The next song on the EP is a Moombahton joint sitting at around 108 BPM. It features Sirah, which most will know from her various collaborations with Skrillex. She does a great job rapping on this track and projecting anger in her voice. One standout thing about this track is the gunshots. Alvin always starts the beat out with gunshots then slowly blends it into a kick that still sounds like a gunshot. You can almost never tell when it happens. This subtle detail really shows off Alvin’s producing skills.



The title track of the EP is another fantastic song. It starts out with some chopped vocals and relaxed synths. This song is the most normal of the EP, and I don’t meant this in a bad way. The previous two songs are just so original and unique that at first listen you might not find Infinity appealing. But as you listen to it multiple times, you find a deeply layered Electro House song that I’m sure will have you wanting to hit replay.


Pray Ft. Jason Aalon Butler

The final song, Pray, is one of my favorite songs at the moment. But it didn’t start out that way. The song is 130 BPM but it feels faster. This is due to the beat that Alvin has created. Its hard, fast, and once the vocals start it becomes confusing. Jason’s vocals on this track are a high pitched scream. After sometime with this EP this song has grown on me. The track always makes me feel like doing something, whether it be running, cleaning my room, or going to work. It motivates in a way which other songs don’t.

This EP is a fantastic first way to introduce yourself to Alvin Risk!

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