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Apr 2, 2012

Are you sick and tired of your dreary existence? Early morning commutes driving you insane? Symptoms of cubicle claustrophobia setting in? To put it simply, are you the real-life embodiment of Peter Gibbons from Office Space? If so, then my dear friend, you are in desperate need of a vacation! What’s that you say? No time? No money? No worries! DJ Q’s ‘Sound of Violence – EP’ is what I like to call an audio vacation. Just one listen to this breezy 2-track EP  and you will be immediately transported  to a land of palm trees, margaritas, and bikini-clad women. Need I say more?

But seriously, If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with the music of DJ Q, it’s about time you do so. This rising UK-based DJ specializes in an exotic blend of UK garage, UK funky, bassline, and R&B.  He is an affiliate of the prolific Boy Better Know grime-rap collective and his contributions to last year’s fantastic Tropical 2 compilation were album highlights (see here). With the ‘Sound of Violence EP’, DJ Q yet again proves that he is one of the best up-and-coming acts in UK garage/2-step. Your vacation awaits you….

[wpaudio text=”DJ Q – Sound Of Violence (4×4 Version)” url=” Q – Sound Of Violence (4×4 Version).mp3″ dl=”true”]


[wpaudio text=”DJ Q – Sound Of Violence (2 Step Version)” url=” Q – Sound Of Violence (2 Step Version).mp3″ dl=”true”]


Also, check out Q‘s hit single “Brandy & Coke” out now on Local Action Records (featuring samples from Brandy‘s “Best Friend” and Kanye x Jay-Z‘s “Otis”):

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