Mix Meditation Trip 003: Volta



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Jan 6, 2012

Seeing as it is the first Mix Meditation of 2012 I figured it fitting to kick it off with a healthy energetic dose of techno! The genre also happens to be the 3rd musical genre that got me hooked to this beautiful culture. I hope some of this supernovian mix can shed light on the darkness that may be clouding the space between your ears. Volta has recently jumped into the techno pool with a cannon-ball splash and I very much look forward to what whimsical pool-side tricks he has up his sleeve next. One of these tricks is actually his forthcoming remix EP of his “Keyboard-47” track slated for release real soonish (February) and he’s been getting some mega mentions from across the techno board. Two of these remixes are included in the mixtape below, one by Rob de Large and one by Dunjinz. Enjoy the trip…

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My fav tracks from the setlist:


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