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Nov 10, 2011

If your reaching for your shoes or your keys today/tomorrow, you are definitely reaching for the wrong items. Fret not my friend as i shall direct you into the proper direction. Volta’s EP, “It Comes In Waves” just safely crash landed into our hands on this day, and as corny and cliche as it sounds, it is out of this world! If there is one item you ought to reach for this month, it’s Volta’s freshman debut EP on Raving Loony Records. Sample the goods below, and as a double-bonus treat download a free – no sweat of our/there back – Volta remix. Every ounce of this musical sugar will have you craving for another spoonful. Open up, here’s the spoonful – airplane-kiddy style…

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The Social by ►VOLTA
Los! by ►VOLTA
Free Download

NEEDS – Split (Volta remix) by ►VOLTA

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